5 of the best and worst Valentine's Day gifts for 2019

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert GIVES us tips of what to buy, or not to buy, your loved one this Valentine's Day.


Who needs the usual old boring flowers, wine, champagne or chocolates? Get original this year. "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" had a magical segment last night, revealing some of the best and worst Valentine's Day gifts this year. Admittedly, most of them come under the "worst" category, unless your loved one has a great sense of humour!

Colbert describes the holiday as "Valentine - The patron saint of seasonal marketing," and he's not far wrong.


Olive Garden: Italian restaurant's Valentine breadstick bouquet

Stephen reckons it's the perfect way to say, "Let's get too logy to have sex tonight." The breadsticks come wrapped in paper that says, "My love for you is never-ending." Stephen said this is in lieu of saying while we're here, we should check we're not related.


Cinnabon: Heart-shaped Cinnapacks

Nothing says "I love you" better than a nine-count pack of MiniBon rolls in a pink box. Stephen reckons this is the perfect way to say you love your Valentine "without having to leave the mall food court."

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