5 funny or moving videos that recently went viral

Cute rescue animals, a funny jam session, a guy in a wheelchair does a complete backflip and a man with colour blindness finally sees colour.


Things are stressful in the current world and sometimes you need to sit back, relax and watch a "cheerer-upper" video.

Here are five viral videos, including cute rescue animals, a woman and a musician having a jam session, a guy in a wheelchair doing a full backflip and a dad seeing colour for the very first time, all found on social media.


Cleopatra's 'Jumper Cable Jam'

A musician called Chris had lent Cleopatra some jumper cables earlier in the day to start her car. As the guys were taking a short break from working on their new record, they went out onto the porch. Cleopatra was walking by and as she thanked Chris again for the loan, their conversation “became more and more musical” until they had a full-blown jam session going on in the street. One of the guys started filming it and it has since gone viral on Reddit.


'Tiny dog thanks her rescuer'

This poor little dog was looking for a home. Her mouth and teeth are a mess and she has problems with her legs. This lady took her in and fell in love, calling her Freddie Mercury (probably due to the teeth). Always remember #AdoptDontShop for unconditional love and gratitude.

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