5 excellent series worth bingeing again on Amazon Prime

Older hit series on Amazon Prime. [Image Pixabay]
Older hit series on Amazon Prime. [Image Pixabay]

Whether you like science fiction, mysteries, supernatural series or romance, this selection is worth a watch.

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5 recommended older series on Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is the upcoming streaming platform for films and series. While their platform is often confusing to search, there are a number of great older series worth watching again.

They tend to push their Original series on viewers and while some, like "The Man in the High Castle" are excellent, others are only so-so. Amazon Prime is yet to produce quality original content like Netflix. However, the following are some hit older series worthy of your attention.


'Lost' - Sci-fi/Mystery/Drama

The mysterious and often confusing TV show was a worldwide hit. It features Jack and a whole load of plane passengers crashing on a strange, deserted island. We learn how they manage to survive on the balance of the plane’s food and then start scavenging for fruit, fish, etc. We later learn they are not actually alone on the island.


'Buffy The Vampire Slayer' & 'Angel' - Supernatural series

Another series popular with fans, Amazon Prime will be streaming the collected stories of Buffy the superhero vampire slayer and her friend Angel, a vampire with a soul. There are 12 seasons in all, including 22 episodes each, which will keep you busy for some time!

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