5 romantic and light films to watch at the cinema in February

A selection of lighter films to watch at the cinema in February [Image Pixabay]
A selection of lighter films to watch at the cinema in February [Image Pixabay]

For those cinema-goers looking for something light, romantic or enjoyable to watch, here are five films coming your way in February.

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While there are many thrillers and exciting films coming out in February, sometimes you just want to watch something light or romantic.

The following is a selection of new movies coming to cinemas in February including comedy, fantasy, romance and adventure. Get out the popcorn and enjoy the trailers.


'The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part' - Fantasy/sci-fi - 8 February 2019

Lego Duplo invaders are threatening the citizens of Bricksburg and plan to wreck everything they see. Emmet, Lucy, Batman and their friends travel to unexplored worlds together to test their creativity and courage and restore harmony to their world.


'What Men Want' - Fantasy/Romance - 8 February 2019

Ali Davis is a sports agent, passed up for a well-deserved promotion by a man. She asks a psychic what she can do in order to succeed in what is obviously a man’s world. She then drinks a strange concoction that allows her to read men’s minds and know what they are thinking. She uses this newfound ability to turn the tables on her male colleagues, as she races to sign up the next basketball superstar.

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