5 great movies and documentaries on Netflix now

Take in a little comedy, music, drama and horror, as well as an interesting documentary about the failed Fyre music festival.


As always Netflix is keeping viewers happy by introducing new, and often original, streaming content. In the last week or so, there have been some interesting new arrivals.

There's comedy, music, drama, and horror, plus a documentary about a failed luxury music event. Have fun watching the trailers below then if, you enjoy them you can watch the full thing on Netflix, streaming right now.


'Pitch Perfect' - Musical comedy - 23 January 2019

This musical comedy film stars Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson and Skylar Astin. The film is based in the fiercely competitive world of three cappella groups. Enjoy both the music and the humour.


'Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened' - Documentary - Streaming now

This exclusive, behind-the-scenes documentary tells of the infamous unravelling of what was supposed to be a luxury music festival on a private Bahamas island. The Fyre Music Festival turned out to be a disaster, despite the A-list musical performances.

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