5 cool and unusual things to do in Copenhagen, Denmark

See elephants adorned with swastikas, plaster noses, an art-filled boutique hotel, a hidden cafe and a gold world clock.


Copenhagen in Denmark is a fascinating city with a mixture of old and modern buildings and many attractions to visit, some of an unusual nature.

Among the unique and unusual attractions are elephant statues adorned with swastikas, a collection of plaster noses, a unique boutique hotel with artist-rendered rooms, an unusual, hidden cafe and a beautiful and accurate world clock, all housed in the city of Copenhagen.


Elephant Gate - Near Ny Carlsberg Vej 140, Copenhagen, Denmark

The famous Elephant gate at the Carlsberg Brewery has four life-size elephants standing tall, with giant swastikas on their sides. This might sound controversial, but when they were sculpted in 1882, the swastika meant something other than Nazis. The word comes from the Sanskrit word which means “lucky or auspicious object.” It was the official trademark of NY Carlsberg until the 1930’s when it became a tad less than auspicious.


Nasothek Nose Collection - 7 Dantes Plads, Copenhagen, Denmark

Thinking of getting your nose “done?” Get some ideas at this strange collection of 100 plaster noses, hidden away in the Glyptotek Art Museum in Copenhagen. The museum houses many pieces of Roman and Greek sculpture and breakages have happened over the years. In the 19th century, conservators would often apply a facsimile of the broken element, in this case, a nose. Usually, the broken pieces were kept and put on display.

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