Mickey Mouse turns 90: Here's 9 more cartoon mice we love

9 cartoon mice of the 20th century to celebrate Mickey's 9th decade, including our favourite lone mice and great duos.

The little mouse in shorts first appeared as "Steamboat Wille," on 18th November 1928, and became the most iconic member of Walt Disney's creations, and the most famous mouse in the world. The eight-minute animation even includes Minne Mouse, who has remained by Mickey's side ever since.

More of Mickey's short films include; Mickey's Orphan's (1931), Brave Little Tailor (1938), Lend a Paw (1941), Mickey and the Seal (1948) and Runaway Brain (1955). Mickey Mouse often starred in his friend's short films too, with the likes of his "Best Pal" Pluto, Donald Duck, Goofy and of course, Minne Mouse as well as his nemesis Pete.

Mickey Mouse has been a cartoon companion to all Disney lovers [VIDEO], who all hold a dear place for Mickey in their hearts. Voiced by Walt Disney himself, until his death in 1966.

Since his debut appearance Mickey Mouse has also starred in feature-length films that include; Fantasia (1940), Fun and Fancy Free (1947), Mickey's House of Villains (2002) and Mickey, Donald, Goofy: The Three Musketeers (2004), as well as three of his own Christmas specials.

Mickey has also made cameo appearances in films [VIDEO] such as; Hollywood Party (1934), Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988) and A Goofy Movie (1995).

Recognisable by his yellow shoes, red shorts, white gloves and of course his classic catchphrase "Oh boy!" Mickey is not an animated mouse easily forgotten. His outfit and name have become synonymous with all things Disney. He still remains a prominent figure [VIDEO] in Disneyland Parks across the world today.

Disney fans young and old have always loved Mickey Mouse, and of course, his true love Minne.

But here's a list of 9 more cartoon mice that we all know and love. So, in no particular order here is a list of 20th-century cute mice and adorable mouse duos to make you smile.


An American Tale (1928) (Image credit: GustyPL/ YouTube.com screen grab)

Fivel Mouskewitz, the little little Russian mouse and his family immigrate to America after cats destroy their home, because as well all know "There are no cats in America," but Fivel is seperated from his Parents and Sister and faces many challanges until they are finally reunited by none other than a cat named Tiger.


Stuart Little (1999) (Image credit: YouTube Movies/YouTube.com screen grab)

Based on the 1945 novel, a loveable and confident mouse orphaned at birth manages to find himself a new family, a human family who first son George reminds his parents "I want a little brother not a big one," but when two mouse parents appear claming to be Stuart's parents he reluctantly leaves his new family and pet cat. We learn what family really is when the Little's fight to get Stuart back after discovering that Stuart has actually been kidnapped.


The Great Mouse Derective (1986) (Susie Harrison/ YouTube.com screen grab)

Basil of Baker Street is the mouse world's answer to Sherlock Holmes, at first reluctant to help an adorable little girl find her Father, Basil changes his mind and not only finds her father but also saves the little girls life, while almost sacrificing his own. Though there are no cats in this one, there is a rat, a bat and a dog that happily mix in with the mouse community.


The Rescuers (1997) (Image credit: TheAnimationsHD/ YouTube.com screen grab)

The epotime of "Playing Cat and Mouse," Jerry played the mouse to Tom's cat as he constantly tried to escape his friend while at the same time trying his best to get one over on his enemy. It was with this fighting duo that hilarity always ensued..


Tom and Jerry (1940) (Image credit: WBKids/ Youtube.com screen grab)

The epitome of "Playing Cat and Mouse," Jerry played the mouse to Tom's cat as he constantly tried to escape his friend while at the same time trying his best to get one over on his enemy. It was with this fighting duo that hilarity always ensued.


Pinky and The Brain (1995) (Image credit: Swalka1991/ YouTube.com screen grab)

Two much loved, and genetically enchanced lab mice, The Brain had plans to take over the world but never let his failures or absent minded cage mate Pinky's antice get in his way.


Splinter TMNT (1990) (Image credit: Ninja Hulk/ YouTube.com screen grab)

So, not techincally a mouse, this rat still makes the list. Father of four sons, who just so happen to be teenages, Mutant Turtles and Ninja who love pizza, Splinter is adored my many of the shows fans.


Cinderella (1950) (Image credit: waltdinesy512/ YouTube.com screen grab)

Jaq and Gus might possibly be the most adorable mouse duo in the world, when Jaq finds Gus trapped he is quick to grab "Cinderelly" and welcome the new addition to Cinderella's mouse clan. These two are quick to become the best of mouse friends.


Aristocats (1970) (Image credit: waltdinesy512/ YouTube.com screen grab)

A good and loyal friend to a family of rich cats, Roquefort is the kind of mouse you'd be happy to have in your house. Brave, well-spoken and well-dressed, this little mouse can also mix in with street cats.

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