Noel and Sue Radford just welcomed their 21st child with the birth of Bonnie Raye after Sue was in labour for 12 minutes. As Britain’s largest family, they are now saying enough is enough, and Bonnie will be their last.

Bonnie Ray is almost three decades younger than the Radford’s 29-year-old son Chris and reportedly the whole family is thrilled to welcome the new addition to their 10-bedroom home in Morecambe, Lancashire. Apparently, they were all fighting over who gets the first cuddle with the newborn.

21st child comes into the world

Most families are thrilled if they can achieve a pigeon pair of one boy and one girl child.

The Radfords took this up several notches with the birth of their 21st baby. Now they insist that Bonnie Raye will be their last, although they do admit they have said that before. 43-year-old Sue said they have both decided they don’t want more children, adding that the new arrival has completed their family.

Noel added to that by saying that many people stop after having two or three children, but they have made it to child number 21.

Bonnie weighed 8lb 4oz after the 12-minute labour on Tuesday and is settling in well with her siblings. Sue said it was a lovely moment to bring home a newborn with her siblings lined up, all waiting to hold the new member of the family.

Family is mostly self-supporting

For anyone thinking they are on the take from the UK government, the Daily Mail reports that the Radfords support their family while working in their own bakery and reportedly only claim child credit. Some of their children help them out in the bakery, and as the business means an early start each day, Noel is able to help with picking up the kids from school using their own bus.

The family lives in a 10-bedroom home, which was formerly a care home, bought by the Radfords 11 years ago. They get through a staggering 18 pints of milk, three boxes of cereal, three litres of juice and four toilet rolls each day. When it comes to laundry, it involves nine loads in the washing machine. Bathing the family takes three hours each evening.

Grocery shopping for the large family costs them an average of £300 per week. However, the family does manage to take an overseas holiday each year.

Both parents were put up for adoption

Their oldest child Chris was born when Sue was 14 years of age and they decided to keep him, as both had been given up for adoption. When the couple got married and moved into their own home, Sue, then aged 17, gave birth to their second baby, Sophie. In 2014, Sue gave birth to a stillborn child, Alfie. After they welcomed their ninth baby, Noel went for a vasectomy but later had it reversed.

Enough is enough

As noted by the Mirror Online, the Radfords have confirmed that Bonnie will definitely be their last baby and that after 800 weeks in pregnancy it has to eventually come to an end. Sue added that her maternity clothes are heading to the bin and that she won’t miss pregnancy at all. She said the midwives kept asking if they would see the couple again next year, to which they replied: “definitely not.”

The couple now wants to relax and enjoy their children and grandchildren as their 24-year-old daughter Sophie has three kids of her own. However, the kids aren’t convinced as they believe their parents won’t stop having children on an odd number.