5 YouTube Originals to stream online

YouTube Premium has a selection of comedies, a science fiction series and a thriller film on offer right now.

YouTube is trying its best to compete with Netflix these days and is offering YouTube Premium for a monthly fee. It’s not sure so far if YouTube Originals will be as popular [VIDEO] as the other streaming channels, but there is a selection of series and films to choose from.

There’s science fiction, comedy and thrillers to stream [VIDEO] or download to watch online. Here are five choices.


‘Wayne’ action comedy series 16 January 2019

“Wayne” was created by Rheese Rees and Paul Wernick of “Deadpool” fame and tells the story of the titular “anti-hero” and his violent and difficult adventure he goes through with his girlfriend Del. The 10-episode series shows 15-year-old Wayne setting off on his dirt bike with Del to get back a 1978 Pontiac Trans Am stolen from his dad before his father died.


'Origin' - Science Fiction

As reported by IGN, “Origin” is available on YouTube right now – in fact you can watch some episodes for free. It tells the story of a group of travellers with a murky past who are heading for a clean slate on another planet. They wake up on their ship to find aliens are hunting them, one by one. Most of the crew has escaped, but many are dead, along with other passengers. They now have to fight to survive.


'Champaign ILL' - Comedy

According to Variety, Alf and Ronnie are mourning the death of their best friend, a famous rap icon. They have also lost the lavish lifestyle they were enjoying through their friend and have to return to their home in Champaign, Illinois. They are now trying to figure out how to get back what they’ve lost and stop their previously destructive behaviour.


'Viper Club' - Thriller film

“Viper Club” stars Susan Sarandon as an ER nurse, Helen Sterling. Her journalist son has been captured by terrorists in the Middle East and Helen struggles to free him. After getting nowhere with the FBI, she uncovers a clandestine community of advocates, journalists and a philanthropist who may be able to help her get her son back.


'Sideswiped' - Comedy series

“Sideswiped” is a series about a workaholic single woman who is miserable on her 35th birthday. Her younger sister, who is married but feels like playing around, joins her and her mother by heading into the world of Tinder dating. This multi-generational comedy is all about romantic and family relationships.

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