10 I'm a Celebrity campmates confirmed & they include John Barrowman

Campmates Confirmed: The ten campmates we know will be entering the 2018 Celebrity Jungle this Sunday.


John Barrowman MBE (51)

Best known for his role as Captain Jack Harkness in "Doctor Who" and "Torchwood," John Barrowman will enter the Celebrity Jungle 2018 hoping to be crowned both "King and Queen of the Jungle."


Sair Kahn (30)

From the cobbled streets of "Coronation Street" to the Australian Bush, Kahn has confirmed her phobia of creepy crawlies and admitted that she is known to become "Hangry" if she doesn't have a full tummy.


Nick Knowles (56)

Swapping his hard hat for one more suited to the outback, known as the host of "DIY SOS," Knowles stated that fear is not something he "particularly has problems with."


Fleur East (31)

Singer and former "X Factor" star, questions why anyone would "put themselves through this," and hopes to treat her time in the Jungle more like a sleepover party rather than a campsite surrounded by critters.


Harry Redknapp (71)

This Football Manager's biggest concern in the Jungle is wondering "Who's gonna wash my pants?" Redknapp may be able to control a team of men on a pitch, but when it comes to caring for himself he admits he falls short.


Anne Hegerty (60)

Better known as "The Governess," Hegerty prefers to be the chaser rather than the chased. Though she has participated in the Australian version of "The Chase" since 2015, she admits that she does her best to avoid all activities that might "possibly resemble camping outdoors."


Malique Thompson-Dwyer (20)

From Hollyoaks to the Celebrity Jungle, Thompson-Dwyer has been teased by his Mother with the prospect of having to eat "Kangaroo balls."


Emily Atack (28)

All grown up since her days as Charlotte Hinchcliffe on the "Inbetweeners," Atack admits that she fears most of the creatures she is likely to encounter in the Jungle, her biggest worry is that of her "nightmares becoming a reality."


Rita Simmons (41)

Adding to the Jungle's soap star collection this year, Simmons is also the niece to Lord Sugar and shares his no-nonsense attitude claiming that if anyone has something negative to say about her she "would definitely confront them."

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