Elon Musk got super-relaxed during a live podcast on Youtube on Thursday night. He was talking about electric planes and other subjects on the "Joe Rogan Experience." After talking about his electric plane concept, he became "visibly emotional" in describing our addiction to fossil fuels, calling it the “the dumbest experiment in human history," The Verge noted. After they chatted for a while, Rogan produced some weed. In fact, Elon looked a bit startled but didn't hesitate much, saying, "It’s legal, right?”

Weed is legal in California

Whiskey and weed might make people say and tweet some odd thoughts and the BBC noted that a month back, Musk denied he was smoking weed when he tweeted "about plans to make Tesla a private firm." People may be a bit shocked that the man who has plans to bore the best tunnels, fly the best planes, produce the best electric cars, and is set to conquer space seems to enjoy imbibing various things.

In fairness, they were in California for the podcast. California legalized recreational marijuana use in January.

Elon Musk got emotional about the environment

The conversation led to health after a short mention that alcohol's a drug too. Maybe the rambling chat was also fuelled by the sedatives he told the New York Times that he takes. However, in super-relax mode, he did get serious about carbon and global warming, saying that it's crazy to take fossil fuels out the earth and send them off to pollute the atmosphere: That's why electric cars are the most important thing - even more important than his electric plane at this stage. It was actually a bit heart-wrenching in places as he appeared close to tears talking about the environment.

Musk thinks people need to be nicer

Elon Musk perhaps anticipated some backlash from Twitterati, as the interview-come-ramble ended with him saying he thinks that "people should be nicer to each other," and that they should "give more credit to others" and not "assume they're mean until you know they're actually mean." Musk added that it's very "easy to demonise people, you're usually wrong about it, people are nicer than you think."

Twitter reacts to Rogan show

Twitter reacted the way Twitter usually does, with a some demonizing and of course, the opportunity to post memes.

One wondered about his SpaceX security clearance.

However, it seems most of the Twitterati are nicer than his friends judging by what@benwils59716334 posted: "He’s getting texts from friends mad he smoked weed. I feel bad for him.

No real friends around. True friends don’t judge for that type of action."

Other comments ranged from Musk being a hero to incredulous but admirable retorts. One posted up "G*d damn that guy is cool." Of course, there were the funny ones too. @travisblue8 quipped, "Musk sells Tesla to concentrate on making bongs."

Musk talks of us already being cyborgs

Many people noted that Elon Musk looks tired, stressed and is probably driving himself too hard. It's a very long and deep interview but worth watching. Musk talks about us already being cyborgs through the extension of our phones. He got deeply into AI and talked about how one day humans will just upload themselves to a new body when they die. The whiskey was discussed and poured at 30.32, but Elon may have had some before.

The weed's lit up at point 2:10:28.

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