Linda Keitch of Monkton Heathfield in Somerset was amazed to find her lost gold ring while washing home-grown carrots her husband had dug up in their garden. The ring was wrapped around the tip of the carrot and was an amazing surprise.

Keitch, now 69, received the gold ring, bearing an amethyst stone, from her husband Dave on her 40th birthday. However the ring turned out to be too small for her finger, so Linda gave it to her daughter, who regrettably lost it while working in the garden in 2006. Now in what is being described as a “chance in a million” occurrence, the ring is back, but it turns out the exact same thing has happened before.

It seems "carats" have been known to wrap around other carrots in the past.

Carrot produces a surprise

The BBC quoted Keitch as saying her husband had dug up the carrots and had placed them outside their back door – he noticed nothing unusual at the time. It was when Linda was washing the carrots along with some potatoes that she spotted the ring. She said she couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw the gold ring and that it was great to have it back after all this time. Her husband, Dave, was also surprised, telling his wife he had been looking for the ring every time he worked in the garden.

Keitch explained that because the ring was a little small for her, she had given it to her daughter.

While the ring was too small for Linda, it turns out it was a little large for their daughter, Sarah. Sarah, now 37, lost the ring while out in the garden 12 years ago. At that time the family searched all over the garden, but couldn’t find it and never thought the ring would eventually turn up again.

Keitch is not sure what to do with the gold ring

As reported by the New York Post, Linda went on to say that while she had given the gold ring to Sarah, she’s now undecided whether to give it back to her. She says she might decide to clean the ring and keep it safely in a box. The couple is making plans for Linda’s 70th birthday, including treating themselves to a brand new car.

Linda said they will have to make sure they don’t lose that too.

A ring has been found on a carrot before

While Linda said it was a “chance of a lifetime” that led to them finding the lost gold ring, the exact same thing happened to a Canadian woman. Mary Grams, 84 at the time, said she lost her engagement ring in 2004.

Fast forward to August 2017, and the lost ring was discovered in the garden, with a carrot growing around it. Grams had been given the engagement ring in 1951 and was thrilled to have it returned to her in such an unusual way and better still, the ring still fits her.