We all think we are Smarter than others and look out for opportunities where we can prove ourselves. Well, there is an easier way as well. The following are 7 Signs that you are smarter than the rest.

1. You are a Night Owl

This is the most common attribute of not only a creative mind but apparently it also points towards a smarter mind. People who fall asleep late are seen to have higher IQ levels than others. So the next time you are sleepless, know that it might just be your mind trying to increase it's productivity levels.

2. You have High Curiosity Levels

The ones who are smarter than others are highly curious about everything. Be it finding out how the clock works or how much time it takes to make pasta, they want to know it all. It is this trait that increases their knowledge levels and ultimately makes them smarter than others.

3. You are Funny

If you are funny then chances are you are smarter than the crowd around you as science suggests that it is difficult to make people laugh. Therefore, it is seen that people with higher IQ usually have a great sense of humour.

4. You Procrastinate

For the first time, your procrastinating talent has good news for you. People who tend to procrastinate are scientifically said to be smarter than others as many people perform better under last-minute pressure.

5. Macro View on things

The daily problems and issues don’t burden you much, you think about the bigger things in life that need to be done and focus on them instead of trivial things. You are wise for your age and people often consult you for your different perspective on various issues.

6. You are Sensitive

Well to put in a right manner, you are more sensitive than others.

You are receptive to other people’s problems and you try to help them out as much as you can. So the next time you end up crying while watching an emotional scene in a movie, remember it’s a sign of your elevated intelligence.

7. Self-Control is your thing

You know how to control yourself in the majority of the situations and you know the importance of patience.

People who are smarter than the general population know how to keep calm in difficult situations and how not to react to anything and everything. So sooner you learn the art of self-control, the better it is for your smartness levels.

While the above traits point at higher IQ levels and increased smartness, we should always try to better ourselves in all walks of life to have an overall enriching and fruitful experience.