A video of a presumed iPhone 7 unveils three evident enhancements compared to its predecessor. Published in various sites and on YouTube, the video compares a supposed iPhone 7 against the iPhone 6S and shows most of features that have been speculated about this year´s new iPhone 7.

The video clearly shows two smartphones with the same color, although different, as the supposed iPhone 7 lacks the top and bottom fringes of the Smartphone 6S. It also looks slightly larger than its predecessor; however, one noticeable difference is the camera lens of the smartphone7 which is larger.

Apple has maintained a trend of releasing a new iPhone that resembles the previous versions, although with enhancements.

The IPhone 7 minor enhancements

The antenna lines, which are located horizontally on the top and bottom part of the iPhone 6S will be removed and placed inconspicuously in the device. The single speaker on the older smartphone would be extended to a dual speaker in the new smartphone. Also the camera lens is larger and the the new smartphone is lacking the headphone jack of the older version, suggesting it could be integrating wireless or with Bluetooth technology. It´s also being rumored that it will implement a fingerprint sensor inside.

IPhone success

The iPhone has been one of the best-selling products of Apple and accounts for approximately 65% of apple´s revenue; however, it´s not sure that the economic success continues unless Apple releases an improved smartphonethis year.

iPhone sales declined for the first time in the first quarter of 2016 and they’re estimated to continue to decline. To stop the sales drop, Apple would need to come up with an enhanced device before the end of this year; however, according to a Wall Street Journal report, this year´s iPhone will only show minor enhancements and the major enhancements are expected for the 2017 model.

While the enhancements reported here are only speculations, one should not see the true improvements to the iPhone until the launch of the next onein September 2016.