The protest against the arrest and murder of two African-Americans was ongoing in the streets of Dallas, Texas, when out of nowhere, Police officers began to fall in the line of duty. The shooting claimed the lives of five police officers and seven more wounded. This tragedy marks one of the worst perpetrated against the public law enforcement in the history of the US.


A supposedly peaceful protest was taking place in the streets of downtown Dallas, when it turned into chaos due to gunfire coming fromnowhere. Authorities began evacuating people, while officers were gunned downbecause of the shooting.

The alleged shooter was captured on film.

After its location, Dallas police tried to reach an agreement through negotiation with the sniper; however, realizing that their efforts to negotiate did not give positive results, the law enforcement agents annihilated the individual with remote controlled explosives.

Press conference

In a press conference, Dallas Police Chief, David O Brown said that the suspect apparently did not form part of any organization and that he acted against police officers because he was mad at the recent killings in Minnesota and Louisinana. He also stated that he hoped that the division between the public and the law enforcement department would come to an end.

Hundreds of people were congregating in Belo Garden in Dallas, Texas, before beginning a march in protest of of the deaths of Philando Castile and Atton Sterling in Minnesota and Louisiana, respectively.

One hour and 45 minutes later, at the corner of Main Street and Lamar street, people marching began to run in chaos due to the gunshots around.

At first, it was not clear where the shots were originating from; however, some time later, two snipers were located in high positions of the buildings. Hours later, police officers located the suspect at the second level of a parking space across El Centro College and were trying to deal with him.

After hours of negotiation and gunfire, the suspect was killled by an explosive robot.

The gunman killed was Micah Johnson and his age was 25. He lived in the Dallas Suburb of Mesquite and served in the US Army reserve. He was not found to have any criminal history nor ties to any terrorist organization.