It is a known fact that Women in iran face harsh clothing restrictions and other social crackdown under the mullahs’ rule. Recent reports, however, indicate a concerning trend of increasing suicides.

“Statistics show women commit suicide three times more than men, yet men’s suicides end in death three times more than women. Women suicide rates have increased significantly and in the future the number of these suicides leading to death may also increase significantly,” said Abbas Faraji, an Iranian regime advisor, in an interview with Tasnim news agency.

Shocking numbers from Iran

Head of Iran’s Health Organization also expressed concern regarding this increasing trend, adding women’s desire to commit suicide is twice that of men, according to an October 2016 report wired by the state-run ILNA news agency. During the period of March 2015 to March 2016, Iran witnessed 2,800 counts of suicide attempts by women and 1,440 attempts by men, the text adds.

Poverty and other social crises are influential factors leading women to suicide. Iranian women suffer from major dilemmas such as poverty, drug addiction, divorce, homelessness and living in city outskirts.

Unemployment is also a major element in the cause of economic and psychological issues among women.

Currently, a rise in unemployment among women indicates only 13% of Iran’s educated women actually enter the workforce, reports show.

“The age of single mothers is lowering and the number of unemployed women are twice that of men,” said Iranian Labor Minister Ali Rabi’i in an interview with the state-run ISNA news agency.

In the past few month’s suicide among women and girls have increased like never before.

Reports show on January 26th a 19-year-old woman hanged herself in the city of Saghez, western Iran.

- An 18-year-old Iranian Kurdish girl near the city of Ashnawiya committed suicide on December 27th and lost her life.

- A 14-year-old girl in the city of Momaseni shot herself and died on November 29th, 2016.

- A 30-year old woman poured gasoline on her body and set herself ablaze.

This horrific incident took place in public in Tehran’s Keshavarz Boulevard.

- A pregnant woman set herself ablaze in the city of Fasa.

“Schoolgirls learn from each other and are literally playing with blood… When we sit down and listen to these girls, we realize that most of them have committed suicide and some had even slit their wrists in an attempt to end their lives,” a report reads.

Despite all these numbers, it is quite obvious that the actual statistics of suicide attempts and cases of women setting themselves ablaze are never revealed, and we cannot truly comprehend the depth of this horrendous crisis.

Iran refuses to publish the true numbers of women’s suicides under the pretext that such reports will actually encourage more women to commit suicide!

The real threat for Iran's mullahs

The growing number of suicide among women is directly related to the systematic oppression imposed by the mullahs’ regime, knowing women pose a major threat to its rule.

The main Iranian opposition, the National Council of Resistance of Iran, is led by a woman by the name of Maryam Rajavi, whose 10-point-plan for a free Iran enjoys widespread support.

At a time of skyrocketing poverty in Iran, it is quite obvious that such a status quo will lead to increasing suicides among women. The irony is we are talking about a country that sits on the world’s 2nd largest natural gas reserves and 4th largest crude oil reserves.

And yet the huge revenue is allocated to Iran’s nuclear program, their lethal meddling across the Middle East, including their involvement in Syria, support for terrorism and a huge security apparatus focused on domestic crackdown.

The Trump administration correctly sanctioned the mullahs for their recent ballistic missile test. This new White House should also consider holding Iran accountable for its human rights violations, especially against Iranian women.