THE UK are complicit in the Israeli forces violent oppression and occupying of Palestinian Territory. The extent of which is largely unreported in the UK because it would certainly damage the government, but it is evident that the large swathes of the public disagree with the UK foreign policy within the region. Furthermore, after the US cut funding to Gaza, there is a real risk that the humanitarian crisis could become significantly worse.

The value of sales of arms to Israel dramatically increased after the 2014 Gaza conflict and millions of Palestinians within the region could face starvation by June.

Humanitarian crisis and arms sales

Millions of Palestinians in Gaza could run out of food and face starvation by June because the UN agency for Palestinian refugees are struggling to raise an extra $200 million. This follows the cut of US funding from the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA). Donald Trump’s decision to withhold $305 million in funding is far greater than the reported $65 million in January and it is affecting UNRWA’s ability to raise the needed funds for starving Palestinians.

Since 2014, the selling of arms to Israel have increased dramatically and fresh government data raises concerns over the UK’s role in the conflict in the region. Already a supporter of the Israeli government, the UK has a substantial impact and recent data has revealed that arms export licenses to Israel increased tenfold since the 2014 Gaza conflict to £216 million in 2017.This is an increase from £20 million in 2015 and £85 million in 2016.