THE SYRIAN chemical attack has been covered extensively, including by myself. However, with every media outlet avoiding necessary questions, you have to begin to wonder who is out there questioning the lack of evidence, the absurdity behind the idea that Assad would use chemical weapons when he is winning the Syrian civil war and questioning just who the White Helmets are and what they do.

Step up an unlikely source from the mainstream outlets throughout the world, Fox News, the traditionally ultra conservative American media outlet has been the focal point of some of the more awkward questions through journalist Tucker Carlson.

Questioning the Syria narrative

Previously, Tucker Carlson told his audience to be sceptical over the chemical attack and that it didn’t make sense. This was whilst supposedly liberal media outlets all pushed the anti-Syria narrative and the Democrats and Republicans largely uniting over the plan to bomb Damascus. This time Tucker Carlson has interviewed former British Ambassador, Robert Ford. The 11-minute interview is worth the watch and the contrast to the way those who questioned the narrative were treated by either Sky or the BBC in the UK – where they were cut off, constantly interrupted and in one instance and interview not even aired – is startling.

Tucker Carlson is by no means a socialist, he’s barely liberal and holds conservative ideology but even his instincts tell him that something isn’t quite right about the whole saga.

During the interview with Robert Ford, they talk about the lack of evidence and the overreliance by the west on the White Helmets for their intelligence within the region. Furthermore, Ford does point out that these same people who are supposedly a NGO to save lives, they have actively been involved in beheadings and have links with Al-Qaeda. Watch the video below.