ISRAEL have stepped up there push against Palestine, with the US supporting closely behind them and the UK silence is a deafening noise as to who they support. This week Israel escalated the war in Gaza with airstrikes, the US plan to move the embassy to Jerusalem on Israel’s Independence Day, Israel also moved buildings into illegal settlements for the first time in 25 years.

The west has largely ignored the historical idea that they are responsible for the war in Palestine-Israel. There has been a history of violence over who has the right to the holy city, the spiritual home to Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

But the Balfour Declaration has caused unprecedented violence.

Israel’s occupation of Palestine

Last weekend saw the violence escalate in Gaza after a device exploded, injuring 4 Israeli soldiers. They then responded by bombing 18 Hamas targets on Saturday and Sunday, furthermore, Israeli Forces killed two Palestinian teenagers on the ground. Then on Monday, Israeli jets carried out further air strikes on the Gaza Strip, the Israeli army said this was in response to a missile fired from Gaza that hit southern Israel, though that has yet to be confirmed.

A senior official from Hamas said that they didn’t want violence to escalate in the region and that plans were already underway to deescalate the situation.

Hamas have already sent messages through Egypt, who often act as a mediator between the two, a source within Hamas have already stated that have officially informed the head of Egyptian intelligence that the movement is not interested in any escalation in Gaza".

Israel started to move structures on Thursday to a new illegal settlement in West Bank, Netanyahu had already announced that the settlement will be for evicted residents of the Amona outpost, a settlement that Israel deemed illegal, 100s of new residents will be moved into the area.

Under international law, all settlements in West Bank are deemed illegal. The Amihai settlement is being built on a Palestinian village home to 500 people, called Jalod, southeast of Nablus City. The move could easily be preparation to annex further land from the Palestinians.

Susiya, a small Palestinian village were handed yet another demolition order by Israeli officials, they have been embroiled in legal battles with the Israeli state for decades, but the latest order came on the 1st February, when the Israeli High Court gave the government a green light to move forward with the demolition of seven structures housing 42 people, half of them children.

The move came despite widespread condemnation from British MPs and international activists. The latter maintain an almost constant presence in the village to assist villagers in the event of attacks from Israeli settlers or forces.

US pen date for embassy relocation

The United States plans to move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem on 14 May, the 70th anniversary of Israel's independence, a US official confirmed on Friday. In December, US president donald trump recognised Jerusalem as Israel's capital, and signalled Washington's intention to relocate its embassy. The move infuriated many of Washington's Arab allies and dismayed Palestinians who see as East Jerusalem as the capital of their future state.

Following the Decembers recognition by the US President, Donald Trump, that Jerusalem was the Israeli capital and signalled the intention to relocate the US embassy. The US have decided the move the embassy officially on the 14th May, the official 70th anniversary of Israel’s independence, this was confirmed on Friday by US officials. The latest move has infuriated Arab allies of the US because Palestine has seen East Jerusalem as their capital for any future established Palestinian state.

Last month, Vice President, Mike Pence had stated that the embassy would move by the end of 2019, however, it appears that the move has been sped up by the US. Clashes erupted in West Bank and Gaza on Friday during weekly protests Trump’s decision, 25 Palestinians were injured when Israeli forces used live rounds on them.