Roland van Hauwermeiren is the guy who’s been disgraced from Oxfam for offering vulnerable Haitian women money for sex when he was supposed to be offering them aid and relief (that’s sort of the job of a humanitarian worker). Well, it turns out he was previously fired by the charity Merlin after doing the exact same thing in Liberia in 2004. Can’t this guy keep it in his pants? When even humanitarian workers can’t be trusted not to be deviants, all hope is lost.

Inquiry being launched by the Charity Commission

Following an investigation by the press, it’s been suggested that a few years back, these allegations came out and were covered up by the top brass at Oxfam.

Fearing that not every detail of the Haiti accusations have been “disclosed” by the charity, the Charity Commission in the UK has launched an inquiry into the organisation in an attempt to figure out if they covered up previous allegations.

Penny Lawrence, the deputy chief executive of Oxfam, has resigned amid this sex scandal, telling people that she is “desperately sorry” for the whole situation. Resigning is a smart PR move. It’s what someone who was really sorry would do, so we have to believe that she does regret her mistakes.