A movement has been launched in Macedonia called Stop Operation Soros which has the stated aims of highlighting "subversive" activities that are being undertaken by Soros funded NGO's, which the group accuses of trying to create a monopoly on the civil sector of Macedonian society. In a statement during a press conference which was held on Tuesday, the group said that it was calling on all "free-thinking citizens" regardless of ethnicity and religion to join them in fighting against the perceived influence of the Hungarian-American businessman who is usually the centre of much discussion in Eastern Europe these days.

Hungary has declared 'all-out war' on Soros

The Stop Operation Soros has said that through Soros' Open Foundation Society, the Hungarian-American billionaire has been using personnel and access to large amounts of funding to instigate "violent processes" in the country of Macedonia. A list of accusations has been made by the group towards the Hungarian-American billionaire whose name is usually enough to spark rumours of conspiracy and underhandedness.

George Soros is becoming a much-maligned figure with parties across Central and Eastern Europe. Hungarian PM Viktor Orban was recently accused in an interview by the enigmatic American billionaire of launching a "hate campaign" against him. Viktor Orban has recently said that he would instruct the country's spy agencies to monitor groups which are associated with George Soros.

Soros is often associated with the 'globalist' agenda

Victor Orban, along with many other Central and Eastern European countries, are fiercely opposed to EU mandated quotas. These quotas, which have been designated by the EU hierarchy, outlines to members of the bloc the amounts of refugees and migrants each member state should take.

George Soros is often associated with the "globalist" agenda, which is seen to promote open borders and the eradication of the nation-state, and indeed looking at George Soros' Open Society Foundation it is easy to see why these questions arise about Soros. The Open Society Foundation openly funds many left-wing activities and many of the NGO's which have been assisting migrants while they undertake the gruelling mission into Europe are funded by Soros either directly or through subsidiaries.

George Soros' stock is certainly declining in Central and Eastern Europe. On the one hand, there is a billionaire businessman who very visibly has his own ideologies in regard to open borders, then there are the nation states of Hungary and Macedonia, which are leaning towards a more nationalistic form of politics. The fight between George Soros and the nations of Eastern and Central Europe show how these two opposing ideologies are playing out across the whole of the Western World right now.