This story started with a tweet. I was browsing through Twitter a couple of days ago when a tweet came up on my timeline. A user mentioned that there had been several Bombings in Sweden over the last month and that no one from the Mainstream Media was talking about it. It would be highly irresponsible to take somebody's tweet as gospel truth, but this infrequent mention of these events perplexed the inquisitor in me, so I decided to have a look around on the internet and see what this was all about. After some research what I found was quite disturbing and revealed that this was a phenomenon that was really occurring.

So many attacks, such little publicity.

There is one attack in Sweden that did receive some mainstream media coverage, On April 7th, 2017, just days after the Westminster Bridge Attack which killed five people in London, a hijacked lorry was driven into crowds of shoppers in Stockholm, killing 5 people and seriously injuring 14 others. The attacker in this incident was a failed asylum seeker from Uzbekistan called Rakhmat Akilov. Rakhmat Akilov was said to have had links to ISIS and his attack was motivated by his sympathies towards the Islamist cause.

A powerful bomb attack outside Police Station

That attack did receive some mention, but while following this trail of breadcrumbs I found another story which was dated much more recently.

I came across a small article in the Independent which spoke of a "powerful explosion" outside a police station in the Southern Swedish town of Helsingborg. Nobody was injured in the blast, but the Swedish prime minister called the bombing "an attack on our democracy." The blast was not initially treated as a terror attack, but nobody has come forward to claim responsibility and the motive is still unclear.

This attack occurred around the 17th of October 2017.

Then I came across another story, this was another small article in the Daily Star which told of a bombing outside a nightclub called the Babel in the Swedish city of Malmo, Sweden's third largest city. Nobody was injured in this incident again but the powerful bomb caused substantial damage to the nightclub.

This bombing took place on the early hours of Friday 3rd November 2017. While looking into this story these are the only events I could find which I can provide proof of occurring. There are however numerous reports circulating on the internet that these two bombing attacks are just part of a string of up to 12 bombings across Sweden in the last 28 days.

Little or no media coverage of bombings

While it is difficult to substantiate if 12 bombings really have occurred, it is certain that two serious incidents have occurred in Sweden in the last few weeks, and the story has received little to no media coverage. Some conspiratorial voices are blaming this on the fact that migrant gangs are suspected of being behind the incidents.

Sweden has seen a large influx of mainly Middle Eastern migrants enter the country in recent years, as have many other European nations in response to the "migrant crisis." Other people have blamed the bombing incidents on feuding criminal gangs, but a motive for these two incidents have not yet been established.

It was reported recently that Sweden has up to fifty-five "no-go areas" in the nation, due to high levels of crime. I cannot speak to the accuracy of the rumours that are circulating about the perpetrators behind these incidents and their motives behind it, what I can speak to is the fact that there have been two major bomb attacks in a European nation and nobody on the mainstream media is talking about it. I think it is highly urgent that more of us ask the question, what is going on in Sweden at the moment?