In the early hours of this morning, a massive earthquake hit the coastal towns of Turkey and Greece, as well as the Greek island of Kos. Relative to the massive size of the quake, the damage was not too bad, although at least two people have been confirmed dead and a further 200 were injured in the quake. Five of those injuries are serious as the roof of a bar collapsed on top of them, it is believed.

More than 100 aftershocks resulting from the earthquake

This Earthquake is the second in recent times to hit the coast of Greece and also receive a Richter scale number higher than 6.0 (this one measured a colossal 6.5), so more can be expected.

Seismology experts are having a field day with the quake, which they say has caused more than 100 aftershocks in its wake. There was also a second tremor after the main shock, receiving a measure of 5.1 on the Richter scale. It hit 26km south of Leros.

The port of Kos was damaged after the earthquake is believed to have spurred up a little tsunami (a 70m tall tidal wave, as described by some) that hit the port. A third, fourth, and fifth tremor followed the main earthquake and the second quake. The three follow-up tremors had these Richter scale measurements: 4.6, 4.5, and 4.7.