Rape is a crime that has never been eradicated. Crimes like rape are often associated with a war zone. One can see the rapes under the aegis of the ISIS to realize the effect of war on women. But the surprising news is that there are some places notably like South Africa which is not in a war zone, yet crimes against women seem to go unchecked. The crime of rape in South Africa is like an epidemic.

In a bizarre incident, a mother aged 31, who was in mourning for the recent death of her husband was woken up by a gang. They broke open the door and at gunpoint searched the house for valuables.

After that, the 16-year-old teen girl was stripped and raped. The mother was covered with a bedsheet and had to listen to the screams of her daughter. The crime was committed in 2012, but the trial has only been concluded last month and confirmed now. The accused was sent to Life In Prison. News 18 has reported this

Rape in South Africa

After self-rule came the way of the black population from the white community, there has been a surge in the number of murders and other crimes like rape in the regions. While there has been some increase in the way murders are handled, rape cases languish for years and with many not convicted. The fact is that a rape culture seems to have developed. Sadder still is the fact that it is more prevalent among the poorer sections of the black people.,

Jacob Zuma

The current president, Jacob Zuma hails from Gauteng and KZN region.

This is the region where the greatest number of rapes have taken place. The president himself embroiled in a rape case from 2005. He was accused of raping a woman who later took refuge in Netherlands. She died in 2016 and was HIV+. The president was acquitted of the charge, but many felt it was a "fixed" trial.

Rape culture

This rape culture of South Africa is difficult to control.

Many women's organisations are demonstrating against this aspect of crime against women. Solving this problem is not easy. From figures, available in May 2016 that more than 3000 young girls some as raw as 12 years old were raped and impregnated in the region of Limpopo. The case is yet to be solved. in addition, it is reported that over 100,000 women get raped every year.