Donald Trump campaigned to repeal and replace Obamacare as soon as possible but yesterday it was defeated in congress after Republicans could not agree on the terms of the replacement. With many moderates claiming it went far enough and the more deeply conservative saying it did not go far enough and that government should have no say in personal healthcare. Donald Trump issued an ultimatum to vote it through or risk Obamacare still being in place for the near future.

On the surface, Trump’s ultimatum, did not work and it was quickly removed from congress after the Republicans could not unite in a decision on the Obamacare replacement.

Trump’s power play

There is a large part of the Republican party that firmly believe that the government should have no say in the personal healthcare of its citizens. The bill that Trump put forward was extreme because it was still going to cause 26 million Americans to be without any healthcare coverage but for many deeply Christian conservative Republicans, this was still not far enough.

This bill highlights the Republicans will to not care for those who are the poorest in society. Even Donald Trump was not willing to go as far as many in his party, but there was also another issue rising from the bill. It was clear that Trump’s control over other members was limited at best and Trump dislikes not being in control. Hence the ultimatum to push them into a decision and regain control over rebels within his government.