Millionaire property developer Peter Morgan has been found guilty of murdering his escort girlfriend and mistress Georgina Symonds after confessing to police. The 54-year-old strangled Symonds, 25, at her home in Llanmartin, South Wales, when she told him she was leaving him to work for other men. Morgan had previously had an exclusive arrangement with the escort and was paying her £10,000-a-month to be his girlfriend. In addition to paying a monthly fee to Symonds, the married father-of-two also permitted her to live at his £300,000 property rent-free.

What triggered Peter Morgan?

Peter Morgan became increasingly jealous when Miss Symonds, announced her plans to leave him for other men and began using recording devices to spy on her. It wasn't until he overheard one particular conversation that he created the plans to murder the former burlesque dancer and dispose of her body. Morgan went through with the killing on January 12, 2016, and hid Miss Symonds body behind an industrial saw, at his Beech Hill Farm that he shared with his children and wife.

Peter Morgan Found Guilty

After a three-week trial, Peter Morgan was found guilty of murdering Georgina Symonds on Wednesday. Following the verdict, the Gwent police department released footage of an interview with Morgan where he confessed, " 'Well, I, I, I had intention to kill her, didn't I?

Well, I done it.' The jury heard he also told officers: 'I really didn't want to kill her - I don't know perhaps I did. Premeditating a murder isn't something you do lightly, I can tell you.'

Peter Morgan strangled Georgina Symonds to death by wrapping bailing twine around her neck. Gwent Police's Detective Superintendent Roger Fortey released a statement saying, 'This is a tragic case that resulted in the death of Georgina, the loss of a mother, daughter, sister, and friend to many." Symonds was a mother of one.

It has since been revealed that the property mogul worth £20million has Asperger's syndrome. The jury concluded that the murder of Georgina Symonds was calculated and that Morgan committed the Crime without emotion.