In the last 48 hours, French police and authorities have relocated thousands of refugees from the calais Jungle camp in the hope of dismantling and destroying the area.

However, whilemany were sent on coaches to reception centres and accommodation facilities acrossthe country, and some processed to the UK, a large number, including orphaned children, were unable to register and have therefore been left homeless and uncertain of their next move.

Unaccompaniedminors turned away

Volunteers supporting Care 4 Calais and Calais Solidarity have called upon charities, the media, and politicians to act immediately and find safety for the estimated 300 children left on the streets, who were turned away from registering at approximately 12pm today, and told to return to the camp.

However, the camp is now mostly the remains of the raging fires that have been initiated over the course of the last few days - reportedly by far-right French protestors, although it has not been confirmed who started the fires. thevolunteers are desperately attempting to fundraise in order topull together enough money to accommodate the homeless, frightened minors in a hostel for at least the night, fearing they will risk their lives attempting to the reach the UK by jumping on the back oo lorries.

Others have begun frantically writing letters and emails to UK politicians, including Prime Minister Theresa May, and Home Secretary Amber Rudd, informing them of the reality of the situation in Calais.

Legal help and phone credit for refugees

Those who remain at the camp now need help more than ever, and organisationsare encouraging people to donate phone credit to refugees through 'MyDonate' so they can contact their families living in the UK, desperate to speak to their loved ones andupdate them on thesituation.

Voluntary lawyers and solicitors are also working in cooperation with charities such as Help Refugees, assistingthe camps inhabitants - especiallyminors, by introducingthem to their legal rights and best opportunities for seeking Asylum.

For example, the staggering 367 refugee children eligible to come to Britain includes 178 children who have the right to live in the UK because of close relatives living in the country, and a further 209 children quality under the terms of the "Dubs" amendment - which was accepted by the government earlier this year.