The Eagles of Death Metal concert at the Bataclan theatre on November 13th made the headlines for all the wrong reasons during the Paris terror attacks but a new interview from band members suggests that they keen to return and put on a show that makes the news in a positive light.

Of all the tragedies to occur during the Paris attacks on November 13th, the one that really caused shock-waves across the world was the massacre at the Bataclan theatre. Not only had terrorists stormed the building to kill as many as they could, these were young Parisians and foreign visitors enjoying the joy and freedom of something so simple as a rock concert.

What should have been a night of art, expression, community and escapism became a living nightmare for all concerned as the gunmen shot at the crowds and those fleeing and eventually blew themselves up. 89 people were killed in that one theatre and many more critically injured. The band playing escaped but the merchandiser seller, 36 year old Nick Alexander from Colchester, who was known and respected in the industry, was among those that lost their lives.

A return visit could be just what French fans need.

With everything that the Eagles of Death Metal went through in that French concert venue and the sight of seeing so many fans gunned down, they could perhaps be forgiven for never wanting to return to the scene.

Instead of putting the night firmly behind them, however, they are keen to return as soon as possible, preferably at the grand reopening. Speaking to Vice Magazine, frontman Jessie Hughes said said he "cannot wait to get back to Paris and play" adding that, "Our friends went to see rock and roll and died. I want to go back there and Live." It is a strong statement of bravery and defiance that echoes the sentiment in Europe that life must continue as normal – as long as people live in fear and change their habits then the terrorists win.

A show at the Bataclan, when it does re-open, would be the perfect way to not only remember and pay tribute to those that died and suffered in the siege but to show that life continues. Bands will continue to play and fans will continue to see them.