McDonald's had teamed up with the advertising agency Tribal in Buenos Aires, Argentina, to come up with a unique bike-friendly takeaway service called "McBike". McBike is an innovative product that enables cyclists who enjoy McDonald's, and those interested in sustainable energy and a healthy lifestyle, to safely carry their meals.

The packaging was designed to fit neatly onto a bike and can be securely closed form a hanger that easily fits over the handlebars of a bike for easy transport. The recyclable box is made of cardboard and is capable of holding a burger, fries and a drink (the essential menu) that won't pop open and spill, and folds into a handy case.

This new sustainable concept of McDonald's was first launched in the most bike-friendly city of Copenhagen, the capital city of Denmark, that is well known for its cycling culture as well as Medellin in Colombia. The fast food giant company apparently has plans to roll out this idea also in the bike-friendly city of Amsterdam and Tokyo, and in the future world cities with large populations of bike commuters that may be potential customers. It wasn't yet announced when the McBike is going to be available in UK and when or if it will make it to drive-throughs in the US.

The aim of McDonald's with this bike-friendly packaging concept is to try to reach a new segment and to target those looking to take their fast-food on the go and specific to cyclists.

Nowadays bikes are one of the most preferred means of transportation for millennials, and it's important for the company to adapt to the new habits of its consumers.

Recently, McDonald's introduced another new innovation in Hungary: a bag that could turn into a tray. Made from reinforced cardboard, the packaging can be rendered into a tray by pulling a strip of paper. 

The campaign for the launch of the McBike was a one-day event that took place in the first two cities, Copenhagen and Medellin, and was part of the #imlovinit24 campaign that has been doing random things in 24 cities around the world.