New Orleans is in every way a fascinating place. This Louisiana city is nestled on the Mississippi River, close to the Gulf of Mexico and has the nickname “The Big Easy.” This relates to its 24-hour nightlife and entertainment, iconic music scene and its singular and delicious cuisine which melds African, American and French flavours.

The city is best known for Mardi Gras, the carnival held in the late winter which is known for its colourful and crazy costumed parades and many lively street parties.

New Orleans also has its sad side, as much was lost when Hurricane Katrina hit the city.

However, there are many weird and fascinating attractions to explore, including those below.

Abandoned Six Flags Amusement Park

On 29 August 2005, the Gulf Coast was hit by the devastating Hurricane Katrina. In New Orleans, many areas were washed out and lives were lost in the flood waters. One area that was particularly hit was the Six Flags amusement park.

The rides and concession stands were washed away to see, leaving only devastation. Roller coasters were knocked over and destroyed, as six feet of flood water headed through. Some signs of the former amusement park remain as a sad testament to the disaster.

However, as it stands it is a fascinating place to explore.

The Museum of Voodoo

New Orleans has a long reputation as a mysterious and magical place and is also known for the practice of Voodoo. An artist created a museum to the practice, which came to the city during the 1700s via the African slave trade.

However, Lousiana Voodoo traces its roots back to three different cultures: the African, American and Creole.

Besides many fascinating artifacts relating to voodoo, visitors can receive psychic readings and fortune telling, which are all part of the culture. Some unusual souvenirs can be bought in the gift shop, including snake skins, chicken feet, love potions and voodoo coffin kits.

Take home some really weird items as gifts for the family after a visit to the city!

New Orleans Train Garden

In the heart of the City Park in New Orleans lies any boy’s (or man’s for that matter) dream toy train layout. The model railroad is in the Botanical Garden and the track is almost a quarter-mile long, with 1/22 freight trains and streetcars, along with miniature, typical New Orleans mansions from around 100 years ago.

The miniature railroad was designed by artist Paul Busse, known for creating magical scenes in many botanical gardens across the country.

Enjoy the experience of visiting New Orleans, whether for Mardi Gras or at any other time of year. It truly is worth it.