1) Visit first, decide later:

New expats often take their decision of living in a country based on factors like employment opportunities and cost of living only to know that other elements are not a fit to their unique lifestyle. Evaluating an opportunity as your dream destination requires a short trip spanning over 2-3 weeks that could facilitate you in experiencing the Expat life in entirety before burning all boats. This trial period lets you know if that isolated island is really a heaven or a dull lonely place that makes you gloomy and homesick.

British Expat Guide may guide you well in this regard.

2) Less is always more:

Don’t make the mistakes of maintaining two homes with the intention of having a home in your country as a place you could go back to. This is not only heavy on the pocket, but also stressful that never lets you enjoy the expat life abundantly. Before moving abroad, try to sell as much stuff as you possibly could. It would not only improve your liquidity situation but would also reduce your monthly storage cost.

3) Birds of feather flock together:

There’s always a community of expats that makes you feel at home. When language barrier hampers your ability to interact with locals freely, people from your home country come in handy and let you adjust in new country naturally.

4) Learn the language:

The experience of a new place is incomplete without learning the language that the natives speak. Language is the best way to fall in love with the place, with the people and to understand their day-to-day lives better. At least make sure you are familiar with critical words for communication in emergency situation or for asking and understanding directions.

5) Do your homework:

Don’t underestimate the power of planning things in advance as every minute of planning saves you an hour of surprise and frustration. Website of your country’s embassy usually serves you as first information desk regarding your envisioned destination. Read up on every aspect of your life abroad from cost of living differentials to working full time.

Familiarize yourself with means of public transportation and all important government offices that you may have to visit for necessary documentation.

6) Cultural shocks, there’ll be many:

Though they say do in Rome as the Romans’ do; however, often, it’s easier said than done. We are accustomed to life in a certain way that sometimes turn out to be total opposite to the expat life. Things acceptable in one culture are consider rude in other cultures. Be okay with that! Observe locals or better ask. Internet is flooded with traditions and rituals of almost every culture. Reading it beforehand could save you from embarrassment.

7) Accept the change:

Every moment lived abroad changes you in one way or another when myopic view about life gets shattered.

But, understand that people back at home are still the same. The phase of reconnecting with them become difficult for which you need patience.

8) Don’t allow the new place makes you feel isolated:

Busiest road can feel lonely. Hardships of adjusting saddens the soul when heart longs for going back to the coziness of familiar roads. Make new international friends to build your network to overcome shyness.

9) Stay Connected to your roots:

Investing in good internet, webcam, mic and speakers can help you stay connected with your family. Technology has reduced the distances like never before where all the friends, family and loved ones are just a click away. Staying connected doesn’t let you be homesick as you always have listening ears to share all your great stories with.