It’s no secret that one of the most criticised professionals are Customer Service representatives. There are people that will just never be satisfied, and there are those who have genuine concerns about deplorable service they’ve received. For the most part, when this occurs, they’re already in an aggravated state of mind.

This is especially magnified when customer service is dished out to individuals who are undergoing the stressful ordeal of getting on and off airplanes as well as trying to navigate through busy and at times unfamiliar airports.

As a result of these unusual circumstances, impatience can set in making the experience miserable for everyone.

Isn't paying more airfare equal courteous customer service? Didn’t the airlines get the memo?

Using airports to get around comes the steep prices of airfare. There’s no way around it. No matter, how far in advance tickets are purchased, spending a small fortune is inescapable. Logically, people expect exceptional treatment after high fares to get from one place to another. Sadly, the downward spiral of horrendous service has spilled over into the airlines as well.

If it happens once it’s an accident. When it’s twice, the new norm would be a far more suitable term.

It seems that watching customers being yelled at, scolded or even man handled by airline employees and law enforcement officials called to intervene is what our society has come to expect.

This is evident by the incident that has shocked viewers around the world. So many viewers found it hard to contain their shock after watching an American passenger Dr. David Dao being dragged of off a United Airlines flight after he was severely injured and ultimately knocked unconscious.

What could justify such a heinous barbaric act you may ask?

Was he posing a danger to the other passengers or the crew? Shockingly enough the truth is he simply didn’t want to vacate a seat which he had rightfully paid for. In only a few weeks’ time, a similar incident occurred again. This time it was on a Delta flight. An American family by the same of Schear were threatened with arrest and their children being sent to foster care.

Surely they must have committed a criminal act if the authorities threatened to take their children away? However, once again, the answer is so shocking and heinous it could best be described as abusive. Are you ready for this? I hope you’re sitting down. Once again, they were refusing to vacate a seat which they had purchased for their young child.

What does this all boil down to?

The airlines which charge an arm and a leg to be entrusted with their passenger’s lives are in business solely for the money. But, even after they get it, what the customer’s pay for is not always what they receive. Clearly, the customer is no longer always right, and you get what you pay for is a thing of the past.

Passengers are no longer classified as individual people. Rather they are seen as numbers to be tossed around at will.

So next time you arrive at your destination and prepare to disembark don’t even say thank you or bid them good bye. The flight crew won’t remember you, nor would they even try.