For anyone wanting to spice up their Instagram Stories and impress their friends, there is good news afoot. The company has officially announced a brand new feature that will allow its users to add a range of great music to their Stories, while allowing them to browse a database of varied music [VIDEO]. This wonderful feature arrived on iOS on Thursday (did you notice?) and will also be available on Android “soon.”

As noted by The Next Web, this comes with yet another great announcement, as the Instagram Stories app has now hit 400 million daily users, with a huge one billion people using Instagram each month overall.

Instagram teams up with three music labels

This great news comes after Instagram signed a major licensing deal with three major music labels – Sony, Universal and Warner. The new functionality was teased last month while running a test with a small group of privileged Instagram users. Now it’s becoming available to everyone. The new function is easy to use, as explained by Instagram in their press release.

How does the music functionality work?

In their press release, Instagram announced that whenever you want to add a sticker, image or video using the Instagram Stories function, you will now see an additional music icon.

Tapping on this icon will give you access to a huge library of songs to choose from. You can then browse and choose by genre, mood or what is popular now.

Alternatively, if you can’t find exactly what you want, there is a search option to use.

Once you have found the perfect soundtrack and have previewed it, you can rewind and fast-forward the track to choose the best part of the song to fit your Instagram Story and add it.

Their statement went on to say that while users’ friends are browsing their new Instagram Story, they will be able to relax and listen to the chosen song.

They will also be able to see a sticker giving the artist’s name and song title. The only drawback is that you will not be able to upload your own music to the app. You know, licensing, copyright and all that legal stuff.

Music on Instagram Stories only available in ‘select countries’

Bear in mind that the new music function on Instagram Stories is only currently available in six “select countries,” but the company says in its statement that it will be rolling it out globally soon. If you can’t find the option on your iOS phone right now, keep checking until it arrives and then have loads of fun! With the summer holidays here, this new functionality will be great.