Every year, New phones are launched. Just as we begin to get used to our phones, a new and more advanced model arrives. Then, consumers abandon their current phones even though they may be fine. A consumer can barely enjoy their new phone before another one hits the market. Also, with so many different cell phones on the market, it can be difficult to choose which phone to buy.

When it comes to the brightest brands for phones, the best two have been Samsung Galaxy and iPhone. But when choosing, the decision can be simply based on which brand the individual trusts along with the Operating System they prefer.

Currently, the vast majority of users will be well advised before deciding on one of these products, due to previous failures presented in some smartphones.

The new iPhones

Apple is trying to attract customers this time by launching three different products to the market. The launch includes an updated iPhone X, the largest iPhone to date, and is a conveniently priced iPhone with the same features. Apple will be facing a new challenge and tries to exceed expectations with its new products, Fortune reported.

According to Apple reports, it is already conducting production tests with suppliers, so the company is expected to announce a few new iPhones this fall. The prestigious brand seeks to serve many consumers with three different alignment iPhones.

A choice of a golden color is still being debated for the model.

The new phones may have an updated operating system, probably called iOS 12. This will feature enhanced augmented reality capabilities, deeper integration of the Siri digital assistant, health monitoring and the ability to use Animojis on Facetime. The largest iPhone will still have many interesting features for customers.

The cheapest phone that is planned to be launched along with the larger iPhone could have the same design, but not all the features. Reports indicate that it will be similar to the iPhone 8. Apple takes a risk with this cheaper model, because the iPhone 5C did not do well, despite being a cheaper phone. The 5C was the iPhone with the plastic body and a variety of colors available and it has been discontinued.

Apple once again faces a new challenge with this new release

According to NY Daily News, Apple sold 77.3 million iPhones in the last quarter of 2017, below analysts' projections of 80.2 million units. "The numbers at the plant have dropped dramatically, and there are clear reasons why the latest telephone developed by the iPhone did not sell well. It could point to the fact that they come with a price cost tag, of 1,000 euros.