The biggest shopping day of the year is around the corner in Amazon. Amazon Black Friday deals start on November 17th, with echo devices-smart speakers and TV sets. This is only the start of the offers, they may change without notice. While the online store is preparing more selling deals, it will only be showing a few of them and will disclose more over time during the whole bargain week from November 17-24. For those who are looking for the best deals, Amazon will offer a date staring at 8:00 p.m. on November 22 for those customers utilizing Alexa voice shopping device.

Black Friday

This is a day in the United States just following Thanksgiving Day and it has been regarded as the start of the Christmas shopping season. During these days, most businesses open very early and offer promotional sales beating those of their competitors. This is very attractive for those customers looking for the best items at the best prices. This is considered as the busiest shopping period of the year and attracts both clients and businesses. The success of this one week shopping period has made that many businesses open their doors earlier and high discounts on several products can be seen on the store's windows

Amazon deals

Amazon Is a big store and the products one can find on these Black Friday week are many.

For home entertainment, there are deals for products, including TV sets, speakers, laptops, tablets, desktops, headphones, wired and wireless devices and the discounts may vary from 15 to 50 % of the regular price. For example, a Samsung 40 inch smart TV with a regular price of $549.99 can be purchased for only $328; that is a 49% discount.

A set of Bluetooth headphones with a regular price of $400 is lowered to $228, meaning there is a 57% discount on the price of the product. You can expect product discounts like this one on Black Friday.

Amazon and Whole Foods

Since the acquisition of Whole Foods by Amazon in August, the Black Friday will have more offers at Whole Food stores, including tablets, TVs, echo dot products.

To make the most of each of this purchase deals, it´s better to be a prime member; as a prime member, you receive two-day free shipping on all purchases and free access to Amazon video and music. You also have the choice of making purchases at the store and saving the hassle of getting a membership. It´s all about getting the best deal on these next week of pre-Christmas purchases. The deals start on November 22 at 5:00 p.m. Lidl and Waitrose will also be offering Black Friday deals.