Back in 1999 Santana and the Product G&B's released a hit called "Maria Maria. "Albeit the song was undoubtedly a success, I doubt they thought that 18 years later, some musicians influenced by their song would make a new song based on "Maria Maria." We'll that's exactly what's happened with "Wild Thoughts" new hit in 2017. The song itself is great and coupled with the video excels.

Pop star Rihanna

DJ. Khaled has reportedly been wanting pop star Rihanna to agree to do music with him for a while now but he had not had much luck. The producer is known for his music but he prefers not to do the singing or rapping.

What he does best is get musicians who can sync well to do a collaboration together to best utilize their talents. Well, he has done a great job so far according to "We The Best Music" fans.

The song which is of the R&B genre has done a great job of making a really sensual number. Rihanna is seen wearing a top which is translucent and quite seductive.sThe song itself suggests "Wild Thoughts" was designed to ignite sparks. Most certainly, Rihanna is seductive, probably more than older viewers of the video would appreciate.

I propose that this song when danced to by a couple in a private place or even in a club, will in some ways induce a sense of passion for each other.

The song also has a nice beat and feel to it, and the beat is similar to Santana and the Product G&B’s 1999 hit “Maria Maria.”

Bad gal vs Trolls and the sensuality of the video

Bad Gal Riri has recently been the victim of internet trolls after she was said to have gained some weight. This song comes over as her way of telling off those irritating, persistent trolls as in the video she looks anything but fat.

In fact, she is still the sexy bad gal who sure knows how to use her sexuality as she has done throughout her career.

That, plus her beautiful voice of course, and a way of making songs that are catchy and ring in your head at weird times.You know those songs which have a kind of subliminal feel to them: working on the subconscious at random times.

This song is without a doubt going to be a hit. I personally wouldn't feel completely comfortable if I was watching the video with my kids as it is extremely sensual. I should point out thought that It's important to note that I don't have any kids yet, so I feel it best to leave the decision to you readers. Listen to your own preference and make your own conclusions on the matter. The song is one of many that are going to be on Dj Khaled's upcoming album Grateful.