MacOS Sierra is the latest version of Apple´s iOS operating system to be released next fall. The operating system´s major enhancements include the iCloud, continuity and overall interaction of the MacOS system. With the new improvements in this latest version of the MacOS, you will be able to access your Mac directly from your watch and copy and pasting of documents is made from iPhone to the Mac and vice versa. A new system interface allows to get rid of older files and make space available in the system by storing files in the cloud and Apple pay is made available with iPhone touch ID.

Now you don´t need to type any password to login into the Mac. The sensors in your watch do it all for you.Transferring documents and files is made easy with drag and drop within apps in the desktop or from the iPhone to the Mac and from the Mac to the iPhone and thefiles in the desktop and the documents folder are automatically stored in the iCloud Drive, so the files are available in all Apple devices.When picture in picture is activated, the video gets resized, so you can do your work with the video on the side.A new application, automatically free ups space by sending unneeded files to the cloud, where they are available when needed.

A voice assistant

Siri is like an assistant. This program lets you dynamically interact with voice.

You can tell Siri to search for almost anything on the Mac and on the Web and the program delivers the information or file directly on the desktop for you. The files can then be pin in the notification center, so the data can be retrieved at any time. Each document can be dragged and dropped into another document right from the notification center.

You can request Siri about the weather, time, contacts and web information and Siri delivers it to you.

Secure purchase

A secure transaction is now made easy and safe through iPhone id. Any purchase made on the Internetcan be completed by finding the Apple pay icon on a site and then completing the purchase transaction with a simple Touch ID on an iPhone or Apple watch.

Photos and memories

The photos app allows you to search photos using face recognition and by the objects and scenes inside the pics. The memories app automatically creates collections of your pics based on a given topic-holiday, place, date and more. All of this new features can be retrieved using Siri-the voice recognition program.

The MacOS Sierra operating system promises to facilitate user interaction dynamically, simplifying the tasks on supported Apple devices and making them more enjoyable.