Apple designed a MacBook that´s lighter, thinner, and with increased functionality. The ultra-thin MacBook incorporates sixth generation Intel Core M processors and longer (up to 10 hours) of battery life. The full experience is enclosed within the lightest and most compact Mac notebook ever conceived.

Retina display

It incorporates a high density pixel display -- 12 inch LED display with in-plane switching technology and a resolution of 2304 x 1440 at 226 pixel square inch, supporting millions of colors. This technology lets you view photos in vivid detail.

The 12 inch retina display is thin as paper (0.88mm). The thinnest of any previous Mac. The reduced space between the components in the display allows for tighter and integrated design with more display aperture.

Keyboard and track pad

A full size keyboard that´s integrated in the thin MacBook; each key is designed with a butterfly mechanism that´s more stable and responsive than scissor mechanism, taking up less vertical space. Each key is backlighted with individual LED's, making keys and characters as clear and sharp as ever. The track pad is equipped with sensors underneath that lets you tell your Mac what you want based on the amount of pressure on the pad.

Everything that needs to be done without the use of plugs, can be done with a MacBook.

Its light and compact portability allows a battery that lasts for up to 10 hours. Its software allows the most up to date WIFI and Bluetooth technologies.

Connect devices in a single port

The single USB-C port allows you to connect a charger, HDMI, VGA display port, standard USB devices, as well as an iPhone and the iPad. A USB-C multiport adapter lets you connect more devices, including a standard USB device, an HDMI display, and a USB-C charger.

The flexibility allows you to easily plug your preferred electronic devices.


Sixth-generation Intel core M processors run on 5 watts of power, with no fan to cool the system, making it silent and efficient, and also generating the minimum heat. This allows one to concentrate on the tasks rather than on the noise. The processors operate with speeds of up to 1.3GHz rendering up to 25% quicker graphics.

Apple deisgned a MacBook that is faster, thinner, lighter, and more responsive than ever. It is only 13.1 mm thin and weighs 2 lbs.