Apple might be one of the most valuable electronic company´s in the world; however, as every good company, Apple is prone to experience lows. While Apple reported a revenue of $42.4 billion, which is down to about 15% compared to the same quarter last year, the company still provides great expectations for investors. In order to to attract investors, Apple will have to design more captivating products than the ones the user is accustomed to.

A convincing iPhone 7

The iPhone has been one of the most successful selling products of Apple Inc. and it has positioned Apple as one of the world´s most valuable traded companies.

The release date of the iPhone 7 is expected soon and rumors about its design indicate that the new iPhone will lack a headphone jack. It will also come with a dual lens camera. Some sources say that it come in three versions- the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 plus and the iPhone Pro. The new iPhone 7 will surely have to integrate new and enhanced features to keep the buyers interested.

The new IPhone should beat competition

With over 1 billion iPhone already sold, there is an estimated 60% of iPhone owners whose device is more than two years old. Many of these user might want to upgrade to a better iPhone, which needs to convince them to buy it. Not only the new iPhone will have to possess new and innovative features, it will also has to beat the electronic competition.

It´s not sure if the Apple users will still want to own an upgraded version of the iPhone or they will opt for another brand.

Other brands on the market

In the present, there are other companies which have grown and reached Apple´s standards of quality. Recently Xiaomi releases its own version of an ultralight laptop that may be compared with Apple´s MacBook Air for its looks and hardware integration, plus capabilities.

Samsung has a line of smartphones that offer a good looking device and performance. Apple delivers high quality products; however, the company is not alone in the cell phone industry, as there are other companies, which even sell their product at a lower price.

Since the iPhone represents two thirds of Apple´s total revenue, at present, Apple will have to design an iPhone that is attractive and with higher capabilities than the previous version, so as to convince buyers to upgrade to the new iPhone 7. A new and improved will surely entice customers to make a good Investment.