Not one to not keep to his word, Gary Lineker has revealed that he will presentMatch of the Day in his pants!The Match of the Day host previously quipped that he would present the first episode of Match of the Day in the new Football season in his pants if his old team, Leicester City were to win the Premiership. Unfortunately for him, he has been left eating his words and probably a bit red-faced after Leicester City took the Premiership title this weekend. The blues were made aware of their victory when Tottenham drew 2-2, which Gary has said was an “unlikely triumph."

It’s a bit of a ballsy move

Gary Lineker obviously made the comments as he didn’t think there would be even the slightest of chances that Leicester City would win the Premiership, and he probably thought everyone would forget about his comments as well.

However, BBC Breakfast presenter Dan Walker was quick to remind him about his comments on this morning’s (May 3rd) show.

“I have been handed these little beauties; little being the operative word as you can see. I’m not sure the BBC Breakfast audience is quite ready for this, but I was wondering… Gary Lineker said he would present the first Match of the Day in his pants of next season. Gary, if you’re watching, I can hold onto these,” he joked whilst holding a pair of red swimming trunks.

“#LeicesterCity fans might want blue though… are you going to rise to the challenge?

@GaryLineker #Pants,” the BBC Breakfast account also tweeted this morning.

Gary replied: “It’s rising during the challenge that worries me."

His ex-wife can’t wait

In a move that will probably boost Match of the Day viewers, and even diversify the viewership a little, it turns out that one viewer who can’t wait to see Gary Lineker in his pants is his ex-wife.

Danielle Bux poked fun at Gary’s vow by saying that she hopes his tighty whities are “whiter than white."

“Hope they’re whiter than white Links #LeicesterCity,” she wrote alongside a photoshopped picture of Gary in a pair of brilliant white briefs.

The Huffington Post quotes Gary as saying of the team’s win: “I can’t think of anything that surpasses it in sporting history. It is difficult to put over in words. I got emotional. It was hard to breathe. I was a season ticket holder from the age of seven. This is actually impossible."