Although Apple’s latest handsets are still relatively new on the market, rumors about its ‘possible budget-friendly’ and smaller brother’s arrival early next year has gained quite the hyperbole online. The aforementioned device will be the fifth installment of the iPhone 6 series, which many tech websites have dubbed as the iPhone 6c.

Chris Burns of Slashgear mentioned in his post last May that Apple may have already leaked some information about the next version of the iPhone 5c at the Apple Store. The Guardian was the first to release screen shots of said handset from, but the Slashgear author said the authenticity of the screenshots were questionable.

Was it just a technical glitch on the part of Apple to release the photo of their next handset before its unveiling?

No 6c last September

During the official launch of the new Apple devices last September, there was no sight of the 6c handset in the 2015 Keynote event. The company only introduced four core products they would be focusing on: the iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, Apple TV, and the iPad Pro.

We saw how Apple managed to control their competition with Samsung by releasing two devices simultaneously that come with a big screens. As featured by O2, the two current flagships are still some of the leading smartphones on the market, next to its Android competition from Samsung, LG, Microsoft and more leading brands.

But, with the arrival of the fifth installment of the iPhone 6 series, every iFan will be hopeful that Apple will make impressive changes to its new device.

What are the new features?

Various speculated features have already been shared online by experts and fans that hope to see the next handset as a worthy investment.

One common feature will be its size which is rumored to be approximately, 4-inches.

Apple will go back to basics and make the 6c the same size as its predecessor. But, Digital Trends said there will be plenty of notable upgrades that fans can watch out for.

Aside from its size, the body will be upgraded from plastic to a metal body. It will also sport a 2.5D glass screen with curved edges like Apple’s recent devices.

But, don’t worry. Apple intends to keep the same candy color selection of its predecessor (if the leaked images are anything to go by).

Other features to expect:

  • A9 chipset from TSMC and Samsung
  • NFC and Apple Pay support
  • 8-megapixel rear cam
  • 1.2-megapixel front cam
  • Pre-built iOS 9

In the United States, the handset will most likely be sold at around the $400 to $500 price tag, which is similar to the premium iPhone 6s’ price.

According to 9to5Mac, the iPhone 6c could possibly be launched by March next year along with the long-awaited Apple Watch 2. The wearable is going to be shipped to retail stores by April 2016, but the date for the 6c shipment is still unavailable at the moment.

Are you excited to see the iPhone 6c? Is it worth getting a smaller iPhone again? We’d love to hear your thoughts about the topic. Make sure to leave us a comment below.

Photo Credit: Martin uit Utrecht via Compfight cc