Finally, yesterday, in SanFrancisco it was presented, with a great ceremony from Apple, the new iPhone 6with the iPhone 6 plus. They will be available on September 19 in the UnitedStates.

As usual, Apple doesnot betray expectations, it introduces unique models both for its design andits characteristics, introducing some very important innovations compared toprevious iPhone's versions.

At first, we startabout the aesthetic level: the new Apple's model will be completely in aluminiumwith rounded corners and for its style, it resembles other new Apple Tabletmodels.

iPhone 6 has 4, 7 inch-display while the plus has 5, 5 inch-screen.This isn't the only difference between these smartphones: the iPhone 6 has1334*750 pixel and its height is 6, 9 mm, while the plus has 1920*1080 pixeland its height is 7,1. Therefore, they are thinner than any previous iPhone.

The camera is thesame with 8 megapixel in both new iPhones with dual led flash and with the chipApple A8, which makes them much faster than the previous iPhones. You can makecalls over WI-FI and the battery life will be much higher than the previousversions.

The new iPhones'price will not be excessive: the 16GB iPhone 6 will cost $199, a 64GB modelwill cost $299 and a new 128GB model will cost $399.

Each comparable iPhone 6Plus model will cost an additional $100.

There are, also,some important news in Apple's home: Tim Cook presented also the Apple play, a new andinnovative method of payment and the AppleWatch, a beautiful clock that represents a novelty for the Apple. Thenew president of Apple, Tim Cook has called it: "the best watch in theworld".

It uses some sensors such as Taptic engine and it works withthe iPhone, it has a sensitive retina display and it recharges with magneticinduction. In addition, it also provides a version of 18K.

To be able to buythis beautiful watch we have to wait a little longer… it will be available in2015. So the wait wasn't disappointed and this is an answer to all the scepticsthat thought dead the Apple. Instead, Apple is always at the top of technology,introducing more and more technological innovations.