Did you miss the famous arcade game? Google heard you and decided to create a new feature for April Fool's Day (1st of April). And no, this is not a lie. Google launched this hack in Google Maps service, which allow you to convert any street in the world in a pixelated, classic arcade game, run away from ghosts with the world-famous "yellow doll", or Pac-Man.

To control Pac-Man you just use the mouse or the directional arrow keys. The system adopted by Google is the same as the original game. That is, as in the typical arcade game, it is necessary to clean the map to win and to make it to the next level. For this you have to eat all the pellets without being hit by the ghosts (Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde) that wander through the mazes and attack the dark blue ghost. As in the original, lives are limited to 5 and where Pac-Man cannot escape the ghost, you lose a life. The new feature also allows you to enable the typical sound of the game.

With each new attempt to eat all the maze pads, a new place in the world can be selected. Creativity is the only limitation of the game. Google released a few streets button to indicate the most appropriate places to play, as some cryptic clues some of the best places to play. The Niagara Falls, Sphinx of Giza, Batu Caves in Malaysia, Arc de Triomphe and the Taj Mahal are some of the tourist places indicated by the multinational. But places like New York, Paris, Singapore and London can also be real challenges.

Want to try? You only need to access Google Maps and choose anywhere on the map with enough streets to be converted into a maze. Then, just click on the Pac-Man button, which is next to the Google Earth icon. Now you are ready to start playing. The hack is also available in Google Maps Mobile. However, it can only be played in certain locations.

In 2010, Google had already played with the Pac-Man. In celebration of the 30th anniversary of the popular video game, the search engine turned its logo in a maze game. But remember, if you want to enjoy this feature you must be fast. Google has not disclosed until when it will be available.

So... What are you waiting for?? Google Maps. Pac-Man. Right now. Go!