It is evident that technology has progressed in the past few years and there is no denial that everything can be done much easier because of the technology. Even if the technology has improved different areas of life, there are some areas where impact of the technology is more felt than in others.
In healthcare, technology has led to improved researches that had made some ailments and diseases disappearing. Personal records are easier to keep now and many lives have been saved. The technology in healthcare has made it easier for the doctors and patients to communicate in a flexible manner. Many medical aids had been developed and help people to overcome many problems and this was not possible before. Technology has made the access to the medical care more affordable.
Education also has improved a great deal because of the technology. Now schools have a new learning system that was not possible before. Students can get access to study materials on the internet and children who have special needs can learn better. Education is now personalized since the students can choose the curriculum they want and can set their own goals. People who were not able to receive the education before can access it through E-learning and distance learning. Students can send the queries and they are responded to immediately and this was not possible before.
Communication had also benefited a great deal from the technology. People can communicate at once and people can reach one another regardless of where they are. With better video and audio quality, the clarity of communication had improved.
Business also has improved with the technology while the companies had been able to make more profits. The life of many people has been improved and the national income of the countries had expanded because of this. Automated process had reduced the cost of the production and the development and research is now more advanced. Accounts of companies and details of the customers are also accessed much easier.