A Company named Virgin Media has been working on the latest technology for the TV that has the potential to change the way TV is watched today. They are working and probably will soon release the first wristband that automatically records what you were watching if you accidentally (or intentionally) fall asleep while watching the TV. In order to do this, Virgin´s Wristband constantly monitors the wearer vitals to determine if they fall asleep or they wake up. Perhaps even more impressive, it can determine which movie genres or types of TV shows you enjoy the most.

This technology, which two teenagers helped to design, works by monitoring the amount of oxygen present in the wearer´s blood per every heartbeat. Depending on the amount of oxygen, Virgin´s wristband can detect if the person falls asleep and if they do, then it will automatically start recording the show they were watching. Also, this device will play what it recorded when the wearer wakes up using the same technology, that is, by measuring the amount of oxygen.

Virgin Media also mentioned another very important aspect of their product, which will presumably be available for trials this Christmas. As many other new technologies, they aimed at designing a device that could somehow be personalized, to be unique and fully adapt to every clients´ needs.

In order to do so, the wristband cannot only monitor your oxygen levels to determine whether the wearer is awake or asleep, but it also can monitor the oxygen fluctuations as a consequence of emotional responses to certain movies, commercials, TV shows, and so on.

Basically, this device will monitor the wearer´s emotional response towards what they watch on TV and then determine which shows or movies had a greater effect on them.

Then, once it has enough information to make a profile of the wearer, it can suggest certain kinds of publicity, movie genres, TV shows and all sorts of things. Virgin Media announced that before Christmas, those who register could be enjoying Virgin´s Wristband soon.