Fashion influencer Anne Welsh is known for the elegant and fashionable pieces she wears and shares on Instagram and in everyday life. She is also an inspiration to many, as she recently wrote a book, "Pain-Less", devoted to anyone who wants to find joy; even when they are fighting an invisible illness - as Anne herself has been diagnosed with sickle-cell disease. Despite this, she doesn't allow her condition to rule her feelings and is always classy, elegant and positive. Inspired by beautiful and unusual fashion, Anne was also really motivated and excited by this year's fashion trends at LFW.

In this interview, she shares her thoughts about the incredible event and revealed what are her ‘must-have’ fashion pieces for the year ahead.

Sabina: Anne, can you tell us what your ‘stand-out’ memories were from this year's London Fashion Week?

Anne: What I loved most about this year’s London Fashion Week was the new ‘street styles’ that were presented. Many of the fashion trends I saw were ready-to-wear, while others were more elaborate with various layers, fabrics and colours. I took special notice of the attendees and saw many wonderfully creative people sitting on the front row, with others enthusiastically participating in the many varied events.

Fashion shows

Sabina: Which fashion shows did you visit and why?

Anne: I was fortunate enough to be invited to several of the different shows during London Fashion Week, but sadly due to conflicting schedules, I could not attend all of them. My highlights included the ‘Celebration of Canadian Design Runway’ at Canada House. This was perfect as it showcased Canadian designers. I was particularly enamoured with Samira Ebrahimi at the ‘Luxury Brands Presentations’ and Doctor Pam Hogg Spring Summer 2020.

The runway is an absolutely fulfilling and never disappointing event, as was Malan Breton LFW SS20 Runway.

The ‘Stories from Arabia’, Runway Show LFW was also very nicely done. The Nina Naustdal show is one I would recommend to anyone who loves luxury clothes and should never miss a calendar entry on the LFW cycle. The dresses are breathtaking and a ‘must-see’.

I closed this year’s LFW with a seriously upbeat crowd at Southwark Cathedral – a place of worship, to see Julien Macdonald, Gabriela Gonzalez and their models showing their LFE SS20. The evening-wear collections were also much-appreciated for an evening dress lover like myself.

Favourite shows at LFW

Sabina: What were your favourite shows at this year's LFW?

Anne: Definitely, without a doubt Nina Naustdal, Malan Breton and Julien Macdonald; all for their show-stopping looks, high-quality pieces, and their brilliant ready-to-wear line-up. Although some of their clothes are not for everyday wear, you can see how they have made it practical and comfortable to wear. I also loved the “Fashion London” show in the Amba Hotel, Charing Cross, organised by Rebeca Riofrio - especially with the wonderful bags from the Ivana Show, ‘Luxury by Ivana de Haan’.

Fashion preparation

Sabina: How did you prepare yourself fashion-wise for the LFW SS20 event as an influencer?

Anne: For me preparing fashion is always fashion is how I wear my own choice of clothing, to use it as a form of expression to articulate my creative side. The way I dress depends on the designer. For example, take fashion designer Pam Hogg. I have followed her over the years and know that her collection is bold, risqué and unconventional. She can transform a piece of material into something words can’t describe. So for an event like this, I go wild and wear what makes me happy.

Also for the Arabia, Runway Show I dressed to represent what I would be seeing. I must confess the process of preparing has to start early and I would emphasise how planning ahead is so important.

I need to organise my team and ensure every detail is perfect, so that one can stand out at these events and ensure you can bring the best presentation to clients and other interested people.

Sabina: According to LFW what are the must-have fashion pieces for the upcoming year?

Anne: An easy answer for me: the shoes from Lucy Choi shown at Julien Macdonald LFW and the stunning sequin dresses.