As far as eye Makeup goes, women everywhere can agree that it’s one of the all-time best manmade inventions. It might seem strange to wonder how life would be without it; probably rather dull and colorless. Luckily, women everywhere get to experience the vibrant effects of their eyeshade choiceson a daily basis.

As you put on your eye makeup every morning before you go out and attack your day, how often do you stop to think where the fantastic and dazzling concept came from? What’s the story behind itand where did it come from? Even if you’ve never paused during your morning makeup ritual to wonder this, you might be curious about it now.

So, below you’ll get the answers to some of these questions and a little bit of education about eye makeup. Keep reading and enjoy a short history of this fantastic invention andhow we got to today.

How Eyes Communicate

What do your eyes say about you? Early on in history, the eyes earned the reputation of being powerful communicators. Anne Sexton once said to Anne Clarke in a 1964 letter, “I like you; your eyes are full of language.” Why is this, you ask? Mainly because the traditional idea that the eyes of a person expressed their true emotions, regardless of what they say, is an idea that people realized thousands of years ago.

What’s certainly one neat thing aboutthis kind of makeupis how long it’s been around, proving that the Egyptians and other ancients knew a thing or two about fashion, how important looking great when going out and about is to any person, and how eye makeup evolved into what it is today

Early Eye Makeup

Early on, Kohl was used as the main eye makeup tool because it was an all-in-one product.

Many ancients used it to make their mascara, eyeshadow, and to line their eyebrows.You probably know just how important ancient Egypt is to eye shadow’s importance as a product. Egypt not only was the most powerful empire of its time but the most fashionable set of people as well. The Egyptians wanted more than just black kohl, and they just had to have color.

Choices of shades in eyebrow dyes became a norm. Be glad, though, that your makeup is free of some of the things they were using—because ingredients of their makeup included both interestingly and appallingly named things like donkey’s liver and crocodile earth.