At the age of 33 years, Lewis Hamilton is in the perfect position to rally one of the legendary records in F1 history. To this day, Michael Schumacher still holds the record with 91 total Grand Prix wins versus Hamilton’s 69. There was some debate about whether or not this record will be shattered, but as the day goes by, Hamilton’s chances are getting a lot bigger.

Hamilton's quest to beat The GOAT

The renowned Mercedes star isn’t afraid of any challenges and was very open about chasing his idol. Hamilton not only paid tribute to Schumacher but he also called him the “Greatest of All Time”.

With his win in Mexico City, Hamilton has now a total of five titles which is only two behind Schumacher. After the race, he was interviewed about his performance and the level of competition that they have today. He stated that he never classified himself as the best and still sees Schumacher and Fangio on top of the food chain.

Hamilton didn’t stop there as he also described Fangio as the “Godfather” of the race track. For those who are not familiar, during Fangio’s days, the track is a lot different and safety is not that guaranteed. However, he didn’t show any weakness and was fearless about it thus gaining his nickname as “El Maestro”. Seeing Lewis Hamilton drive is like an art, and nobody can deny that.

The majority of the analyst thinks that he has the tools to catch the living legend, but on his watch, he still has a lot of miles to cover before he can even be compared to the “G.O.A.T”.

Schumacher's Health

On the other hand, there were multiple news the other day regarding the status of Michael Schumacher’s health. Ever since the tragic skiing accident, accident in 2013, fans are still bewildered on the situation Schumacher is in right now.

Yes, the report from the Times that F1 President, Jon Todt visits Schumacher twice a month is actually true. However, there were no specific details on how the “GOAT” is doing right now. He just stated that he loves Michael and just happy to see his family.

It was fully documented a couple of years ago that Schumacher’s family was disgusted about some hoax news on the legendary Ferrari driver.

This is the very reason why their family is brutally private about his situation and doesn’t allow anybody to see Michael. Probably the most heartbreaking news is when an anonymous family member stated that Michael gets emotional while he is facing the mountains overlooking the lake while sitting in his wheelchair.