Lewis Hamilton won the Russian Grand Prix after team orders helped him get ahead of Sebastian Vettel. Valtteri Bottas was told to let him pass, which he did. It was an uncomfortable decision for Bottas who finished in second place. The win doesn't sit well with Hamilton either, who is against such team orders by Mercedes. Briton Hamilton came in first, Bottas was second and Vettel came in at the third place.

Hamilton queries pit stop positions

Some complications arose during a pit stop, the BBC reported, writing, "The Ferrari was alongside the Mercedes as Hamilton emerged from the pits, taking the position - third on the track but a de facto second - as they headed into the first corner.

Hamilton was not happy, asking over the radio: "Guys, how did that happen?"

But that didn't stop Hamilton who managed to get and stay ahead of his rival. But during lap 16, he did raise an objection against Vettel for aggressive moves. However, no decision was taken against him, and the race continued without action. At the end of the race, Bottas stood on the podium with a subdued Mercedes team. Bottas surely could have taken the first place on the podium.

Team confirms the positions on Lap 43

Red Bull's Max Verstappen held the lead for a while but finally had to pit on Lap 43. At that time, Lewis Hamilton held the lead position. There was some talk over the radio, and it was confirmed that the current lie of the race, with Hamilton and then Bottas behind him, was the way they should finish the race.

They held those positions through to the end. The BBC mentioned the decision originally took place when they became concerned about Hamilton's damaged tyres. This now means that the win has put Hamilton 50 points ahead.

Verstappen performance brightens the day

In an otherwise controversial day of racing, Verstappen brought some brightness to Formula 1.

It was his 21st birthday, and he managed to come in ahead of his teammate Daniel Ricciardo, in fifth position. At one stage, he managed to hold onto the lead as Mercedes and Ferrari had to pit. He climbed steadily from the start of the race and enjoyed a good run to come in at fifth place. The young driver looks to have a glorious career ahead.

Mercedes unpopular decision

The Guardian reported that Team Mercedes may come under fire after their decision to allow Hamilton to gain an advantage over teammate Bottas. Finnish driver Bottas was forced to settle for second in Russia, prompting thousands to vent their anger at the decision by Mercedes. Many people felt that Bottas undeniably deserved to win the race, with little need for team orders to come into play.

Hamilton was, however, praised for his response after the race, opting not to celebrate despite gaining a significant advantage in the overall standings. The Briton now edges closer to five world championships, and if achieved would move one ahead of Vettel and French driver Alain Prost.

Stevenage-born Hamilton would move level with Argentinian Juan Manuel Fangio, and two behind the all-time great Michael Schumacher.