Since 2015 the Chinese 8 Ball World Championships have been growing with this year's edition sporting at least 100K to the winner.

This year China's Zheng Yubo has claimed the title, scooping the double, as he earlier on lifted The Chinese 8 Ball Masters.

The tournament back in its first edition in 2015 was won by Englishman Darren Appleton, who won to snooker's Mark Selby in the final 21 - 19.

Since then, it has been a Chinese-led sport with British player Mick Hill falling short in the following year in 2016.

Yubo played this year in the final against Chris Melling, not only a pool player but has also dabbled in snooker.

Melling, who was leading the final in the second session, unfortunately, let the final slip through his fingers as Yubo came stomping back to win it 21 - 19.

The finals since 2015 have been close encounters.

This is the third 21 - 19 there has been in this sporting event.

Melling performed well during the event, which had players from 6 continents participate hosted by China.

The 39-year-old is also part of the super eight in the new revolutionary cue sport sweeping the globe this year 7ballrun which is a take on the cue sport pool but eliminates the break off.

Watch an unbelievable run out by Chris Melling in this video below...

The male victors...

2015: - Darren Appleton from England

2016 - Shi Hanquing

2017 - Yang Fan

2018 - Zheng Yubo

There were snooker players who participated in the event, in the names of Barry Hawkins and Joe Perry, who lost in the earlier rounds.

Mark Selby, a runner-up in the first edition, is also a World Champion pool player in English eight ball and won a title in 2006.

The Women's 8 Ball Event saw Han Yu defeat Liu Shasha 17 - 14.

Again, since 2015, the Chinese eight ball has been dominated by the Chinese women with four Chinese claiming the titles.

Only Kelly Fisher, a former World Ladies Snooker Champion from England has been involved in a final in this discipline in 2016.

The Chinese female winners so far...

2015 - Bai Ge

2016 - Chen Siming

2017 - Fu Xiaofang

2018 Han Yu

According to, Zubo was awesome in the 8 ball Masters, collecting $151,000 in the process.

Melling is a two-time WEPF champion in Eight ball and won back in 2001 - 2003.

Selby won it in 2006.

The latest edition of that event saw Mick Hill claim the title last year.

Hill was runner-up in 2016 in the World Chinese 8 ball as well.

Rules of Chinese 8 ball:

Watch another pool champion Gareth Potts explain the rules of Chinese Eight ball in this video below...